African Art

African Art Interview
Art is about true beauty, which does not lie in the value of the pieces but in the joy it adds to your life. It is something referred to as an elegance of living. Owning many pieces of art of all sorts, paintings, sculptures, furniture, etc. and every piece adds to your life in some way; many of which may not be understood cognitively. With a glance, each of them brings a level of joy. Each is a reminder to have gratitude for life and grants the opportunity to honor individuals who have often made it their life’s work to bring beauty to the world in their unique way.

More than that, art tells a story. It’s like holding a piece of history in your hands and for a moment you get to be a part of it. Much of what we know from ancient civilizations and cultures comes from the art they leave behind. Of the many groups that are known around the world for their art, the most known are from the many tribes of Africa.

With African art, you get a sense of how much pride and value was placed in every piece they created. From projects commissioned by royalty or the vases, they used to collect and gather resources for their tribes. Each piece is meticulously created with a purpose and captures the beauty in their lives in the moment. If you’re willing to listen, you may even hear the whispers of conversations unsevered by time itself.