57 years ago Gary Douglas started his love affair with antiques. After setting up 3 Antique stores in Australia, there was an increasing demand to create an online presence in America. Now, Gary is bringing you his personal collection, with GMD Antiques.

Why Should You Invest in Antiques?

In a hundred years there will be no antiques that aren’t older than 100 years.

This is because we live in a world of flat-packed furniture, which is not designed to live on past our lifetime. 

There has never been a better time to invest in creating a beautiful life!

GMD Antiques doesn’t sell antiques that are designed to be placed in a museum - we sell pieces that we want you to use and enjoy.

Gary Douglas Live - How To Spot A Find at an Antiques Sale

Gary Douglas is the co-owner of a number of
Antique stores including the GMD Antiques, and Antique Guild in Australia and believes Antiques are the perfect 'alternative investment'. He has excellent tips on how to start building your collection with low-cost finds at antique sales and even garage sales. He can outline what to look for that will increase in value in the long run, which kinds of items never lose value (as opposed to those that come in and out of style), and can advise on how to prepare items for sale in order to turn a profit.