Airbnb Houston

An Invitation to The Elegance of Living

"The elegance of living is about joy. How much joy are you willing to have? There’s a quote you may have heard, “Ask and you will receive.” Every day ask what will make your life joyful and watch how the things that bring joy show up. When you choose to function from the elegance of living, you find this space for each thing in your life to be another possibility instead of each thing being a difficulty you have to overcome. What would your life be like if you were living in the wonder of possibility instead of the problem of possibility? Perhaps you would move from non-stop effort into the joy, ease, exuberant expression, and abundance of a phenomenal life that’s filled with the elegance of living. Before you know it, life becomes filled with ease. You have more of everything you desire, and it comes to you as if by magic." ~ Gary Douglas

 Would you like to come and have the experience of what it is like to stay in an Airbnb that Gary has personally hand-picked items that can contribute to your body, contribute to the energy in the home, and contribute to your future?

You are invited to come and sleep, sit, touch, and perceive all the items in these homes.

What would it be like to have things you own in your own home that contribute to you and your life and the future?

Airbnb Houston -

"Antique luxury, modern amenities, the heart of Houston"

This Airbnb is in the heart of Houston, this 1930's duplex has been completely renovated with the most modern of conveniences coupled with the finest furnishings to match the era of the house. The house and its furnishing are a piece of art.


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