Generating The Money You Would Really Like To Have

What does it take to generate the money you would really like to have? Do you really know what you would like to have? Do you know how much money you require to create what you desire?

To get the sense of what you would like to create you have to start choosing the things you would like to include as part of your reality. When I was young I had a wealthy aunt who liked fine China, sterling flatware, beautiful furniture and elegant clothes. I realized I liked those things too and it gave me the sense of the generative energy of what I desired to create. I started to buy things that matched the generative energy of what I desired and today my house has all of the beautiful antiques, fine china and sterling flatware that I desired to create.

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Once you choose something that is beyond the reality of what you have chosen before, you get a sense of what that can contribute to you and your body and you start to become more vibrationally compatible with that reality. Choosing beyond your current reality allows for the generative energy of a far greater reality of possibilities.

Creation consists of four elements generation, creation, actualisation and institution. Generation is the exploration, expansion and extrapolation of undefined possibilities. Creation is transforming energy into physical reality. Actualisation is the action that allows the creation to show up. And institution is the regular contribution that keeps a creation alive.

“Generation is the exploration, expansion and extrapolation of undefined possibilities.”

An example of generative energy in nature is to look at how a lizard basks in the sun and soaks up the UV rays. There is no definition of the energy gifted to the lizard by the sun and the lizard gets to choose what it would like to create with the energy. So how does this apply to money?

Everything around us has an energy. It’s the points of view we take that eliminate the possibilities for receiving from everything around us that is willing to contribute. When you align and agree or resist and react you stop the flow of generative energy that can contribute to you. Most people think the world must be against them because they don’t have the money they desire.

“Money is never the problem, you are.”

Now I’m not saying any of you are a problem, I’m pointing out that you are the one that creates your life with every choice you make. When you buy a limitation about what you can receive, you are telling the universe that you do not desire the contribution that the universe of energy can be for you. You are the source for the generative energy that creates everything that’s showing up in your life, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The amount of money you currently have is based on the energy you’re willing to be. Do you disdain money or do you admire, care and nurture your energetic reality with money? If you are going to go beyond what you are currently willing to have, create and generate you have to be willing to make the choices that go beyond what was before.

What do you desire to generate that you have never been wiling to choose before?


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